Congratulations to our company as a member of "Shenzhen Electronics Industry Association"

Recently, after the approval of Shenzhen Electronics Industry Association, our company has officially become a member of Shenzhen Electronics Industry Association.On April 14,2022, Xu Chunyan, deputy secretary-general of Shenzhen Electronics Industry Association, led a team to visit our company and held the awarding ceremony.

Wang Zhongliang, chairman of our company, first extended a warm welcome to the association, and briefly introduced the development process and business scope of the company, as well as expressed concern for the association under the impact of the current epidemic.In the following exchange, Deputy Secretary General Xu of the Association and others also cared about the problems encountered in the development process, and expressed their willingness to actively help our company expand the market and discuss the issues of common concern. This negotiation further strengthened the confidence of both sides in deepening cooperation and common development.

Shenzhen Electronics Industry Association was established in 1986, which is the first industry association established by Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.Based on the principle of "safeguarding enterprise interests, helping enterprise growth, promoting industry development", the association provides information and services on policy, economy, management, technology, products, market, talents, research, statistical analysis, industry planning, industry operation research, thematic research, international cooperation, policy suggestions, policy implementation and promotion, and establishes a new comprehensive service function and operation system for members, industry and government.

Flyking Technology Co., Limited as a set agent, distribution, design and development as the main business of one-stop electronic components well-known service providers, in the industry with strong influence and competitiveness, the time to become the largest Shenzhen electronic information industry Shenzhen electronic industry association, this is not only the trust of our company, but also an honor, the future will give full play to their respective advantages, in the near term and future to promote business development and strategic layout.

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