An Entirely New Vision! Flyking Promotional Film Debuts

Halfway through 2022, after being influenced by the pandemic for more than half a year, Flyking hopes to give a satisfactory answer for customers. In the face of the changing market, we reallocate resources and innovate development strategies to seize more opportunities.

New vision, for a greater mission.

Close to Flyking, access to global inventory. In addition to focusing on chips, Flyking hopes to connect the global intelligent manufacturing enterprises and expedite the last-mile delivery process of the supply chain of electronic components. In the future, Flyking will create an intelligent technology ecosystem with its industrial experience and technological talents to help customers upgrade and iterate their products.

New quality, to deliver more reliable products.

Quality is essential for our success. To deliver fully satisfactory products to customers, Flyking has coordinated with a well-known domestic third-party testing institute, MATT Lab, to build an associated electronic component testing laboratory. Dedicated to the examination environment, test equipment, and professional team, we will comprehensively improve the product delivery process and provide more complete and accurate testing reports for our customers.

New service, to win a broader market.

The development of China’s domestic chips is in full swing. The irreversible trend of homemade substitutes occurs in multiple industries. Flyking seizes the opportunity and vigorously develops the domestic chip market. So far, we have obtained the authorization of more than 40 domestic chip brands in China, helping Chinese chip brands expand their market, connecting upstream and downstream, and creating a win-win situation.

We will adhere to our originality and respond to customers' expectations with full heart in the future. This film is dedicated to all who support us and trust us.

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