People Oriented and Merit-based Selection
Talent Policy
Employees are the company's most valuable asset and the source of competitiveness. We not only focus on employees’ career development, but also building a system of respecting for knowledge and talents. We emphasize on actual performance, advocate diligence and dedication, encourage innovative working atmosphere to make greater achievement of both company and employees.
Fae Engineer

1. Capable of independently developing programs,parts selection and parts replacements recommendation for industrial control applications;

2. Provide training and guidance to our staff on product technical and product knowledge;

3. Responsible for solving customer's complaints problems and providing solutions;

4. Understand the application of various products and understand circuit diagrams;

5. Understanding semiconductor company brand 50+;

Job requirements:

1.College degree or above in electronic technology;

2. Experience in developing MCU software independently;

3. Familiar with circuit, able to solve customer complaints and provide technical guidance;

4. Proactive and good communication skills;

5.Strong sense of responsibility and team work, high level of dedication and good professional ethics;

6. Good at learning, team work spirit, willing to work with the company for long-term development;

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Sales Representative (Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou)


1. Establish cooperative relations with global electronics manufacturing plants by telephone and visits

2.Efficient handling of customer inquiries, quotations shipping and  receipts

3. Complete sales performance indicators; Maintain and enhance existing customer relationships; Develop new customers

Job requirements:

1. Familiar with the field of electronic component distribution, 1-2 industry experience is preferred, strong willingness to engage in sales positions and good working attitude and teamwork spirit

2. Bachelor degree or above, preferred in English, international trade, marketing or electronics is preferred

3. More than two years of experience in sales of electronic components. Experience in distribution of electronic components is preferred

4. Good English reading and writing, standard Putonghua

5. Extrovert personality, quick thinking, strong expression ability, market information collection and analysis ability

6. Strong customer communication skills and high business processing skills, with a good team spirit

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Director of Information


1. Overall responsible for the management of market information research and collection, according to the company's strategy to formulate the department's work strategy and plan and lead the implementation, and being responsible for the results

2. Leading research on electronic products production and processing industry, mainly concentrated in industrial control, medical, automotive, communications and other industries, put forward market trend analysis, development direction and planning

3. Study the market strategy of competitors and put forward reasonable suggestions on the marketing behavior of companies

4. Make recommendations on company brand planning and brand image construction, and organize participation in major exhibitions

5. Other work related to market research and information collection and analysis

Job requirements:

1. Strong market perception and information collection and analysis ability, keen thinking, innovative spirit, strong environmental adaptability, strong ability to resist pressure

2. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, economic management, mechatronics and other related disciplines, have a deeper understanding of the electronic industry, with more than three years of similar work experience preferred

3. Strong social skills and abundant network resources in the electronic industry are preferred

4. Experience in middle and senior management positions in well-known supply chain enterprises is preferred

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Senior Purchaser


1. Purchasing all kinds of electronic components that are in short supply for global large-scale electronics manufacturers through cooperation with internal sales

2. Recommend superior channels to customers of global large-scale electronics manufacturers to provide long-term stable supply

3. Develop domestic and Greater China electronic components spot and order suppliers (including original/channel/agent/factory inventory, etc.)

4. Searching for Electronic Components, Purchasing Negotiation and Purchasing Order Enforcement

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, proficient in English reading and writing

2. Familiar with electronic components shortage buy and lead time buy sources, love electronic components industry, at least 2 years of experiences in the channel business (factory procurement is not preferred)

3. Recognize the system of base salary plus commission for purchasing, work more, be honest and professional, and have confidence to obtain high performance and high income through their own ability in the short term

4. Active, responsible, diligent, strong ability to resist pressure, strong sense of service and excellent communication and negotiation skills

5. Experience with traders and distributors is preferred

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