Work Together to Create Win-Win Result Celebrate the Successful Holding of the 2019 Flyking Technology Co., Ltd New Year Conference

Work Together to Create Win-Win Result Celebrate the Successful Holding of the 2019 Flyking Technology Co., Ltd New Year Conference

With the beautiful shadow of time, the unforgettable 2018 has already left while the hopeful 2019 is coming to us. New year wil nurture new goals and hopes, new passion and dreams! On January 12, the Flyking Technology Co., Ltd. gathered all staff from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Suzhou, Xiamen and Dongguan Branches together to Shenzhen Headquarters for the New Year's Conference themed by "Work Together to Create Win-Win Result" to express best wishes for the New Year!

At the beginning of the evening, the energetic colleagues turned into handsome boys and hot girls as they enter into the gallery. Everyone was Flyking's shining star. A colleague joked that we are absolutely capable of starting a new film company called Flyking Film Co., Ltd.. Come on, show you the pretty photos.

After a warm and fun New Year's greetings and a dazzling countdown,the long-awaited evening gala has officially begun.~

Accompanied by the exciting atmosphere of the music, our host stepped forward with dignified and generous, shining on the stage; the strong and passionate opening remarks suddenly grasped the hearts of all the participants, "Every Flyking staff will meet the brand-new 2019 with full hope and high morale. We will bravely forge ahead to become the industry benchmarking! “

During the toasting, we witnessed two handsome Bosses stepping onto the stage with a lovely New Year's greeting to all Flyking staff, followed by the enthusiastic and excellent performance of our colleagues! Joyful and passionate songs, lively and enthusiastic dances, and humorous sitcom have brought a wonderful evening gala full of happiness, laugh and passion to all employees.

The highlight of the evening party is the awarding to excellent employees. The development of the company can not be separated from the hard work of all staff. In 2018, excellent employees use outstanding performance to show their proficient abiltiy! To this end, the company has awarded several elite teams and outstanding employees, with honor and praise, I believe that in the future they will work harder and attain higher achievement

The lottery activity drew the most attention. This year's lottery was held in four rounds. The lottery level was divided into lucky prize, third prize, second prize, first prize and top prize. The overall winning rate was  55%. In the end, two cash red envelopes were set up to make the atmosphere of the party extremly warm.

I believe, I see; At the end of the evening, an exciting "I believe" expressed Flyking employees' strong confidence and good wishes in the bright future, pushing the atmosphere to a climax!!!

The brilliant lights is the color of the New Year; the passionate songs are the touching melody of the New Year! This is a joyful event, because it not only demonstrates the positive, harmonious and friendly youth of all the Flyking people, but also conveys the confidence and belief of all staff for working together to create a win-win achievement. We believe in ourselves, our team and our company. We believe that all employees will meet a better future in Flyking.

2019,We are comming!

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